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Sennelier Soft Pastels Boxed Set of 36

Wooden boxed set of 36 pastels (regular size) in a colour range selected for serious beginners.

Available on special order only.

A Beautiful hand-made wooden box filled with soft pastels (regular size) with dovetail corners and brass fittings. The European maple boxes are stained and lacquered.

Sennelier Soft Pastels are water soluble and have an unparalleled pigment intensity. Just a gentle stroke delivers a solid, powerful line of brilliant colour. 

Sennelier uses only the purest pigments for their soft pastels, mixed with minimal amounts of natural binders, in an exclusive formula that yields lightfast, water-soluble pastels. There is just enough binder to hold the pigment together as the pastels are formed by hand, placed in special moulds, and allowed to air dry.