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Sennelier Paint Sticks Set of 36 Colours

Sennelier Paint Sticks Set of 36 colours in a wooden box. Perhaps the creamiest of all of the paint sticks, Sennelier sticks are made from the finest selected pure pigments, mineral waxes and vegetable oils.

The superior working ability can be used on a variety of surfaces such as paper, canvas, canvas boards, laminated panels.

Best applied in a relatively thin film (no more than 1mm). Layers can be overlapped, in the same manner as paste oil paint, and can, if required, be thinned with petroleum or turpentine.

Before use, the surface film should be removed. This latter will re-form after a few days of non-use.

Paint applied dries within 2 to 5 days depending on layered thickness and atmospheric conditions. A clear medium is available allowing transparency and glazing effects to be achieved.

Each stick is shrink-plastic wrapped for instant freshness when opened, ready to use.

The diameter is 20mm with an overall volume of 38ml.