Sennelier L'Aquarelle Test Pack

Inspired to try watercolours, we have the perfect test set to get you started!

The set includes:

1x Sennelier L'Aquarelle Test Pack - 6 Half Pans
1x Sennelier Panoramic watercolour block - 10 x 25cm
1x Raphael Round Brush - 18

Sennelier watercolour is innovative, strongly pigmented and highly colourful, made with the addition of honey. Honey gives the paint a creamy consistency and brilliantly luminous colours. In metal box with a hinged top, containing mixing pans in a hinged mixing flap.

Sennelier Watercolour Blocks are acid-free off-white French watercolour paper of cellulose content and 300gsm for both field and studio painting. These blocks contain a generous 20 sheets per block glued on four sides.

Raphael brushes for watercolour have wavy fiver holding twice as much colour as classic fibre. Seamless nickel ferrule, short black matt vanished handle.