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Sennelier Half Stick Pastel Set of 80

Sennelier Half-Stick Pastel Set of 80 Landscape / Plein Air are box sets of extra Soft Pastels which have been carefully selected for a landscape style colour range.

Sennelier Pastels are available in half-sticks, giving you twice as many pastels and allowing you to sample twice as many rich, wonderful colours.

Each half stick pastel measures 1¼" long × ½" in diameter (32 mm × 13 mm).

Sennelier Soft Pastels are water soluble and have an unparalleled pigment intensity. Just a gentle stroke delivers a solid, powerful line of brilliant colour in a range of 525 colours

Sennelier uses only the purest pigments for their soft pastels, mixed with minimal amounts of natural binders, in an exclusive formula that yields lightfast, water-soluble pastels. There is just enough binder to hold the pigment together as the pastels are formed by hand, placed in special moulds, and allowed to air dry.

What makes Sennelier Extra Soft Pastels so special?

In the 1880's a determined young chemist opened an art shop opposite the Louvre in central Paris. Fascinated by the new theories in colour put forward at the time. Gustave Sennelier was able to discuss and experiment to give his patrons new formulas, first in tempera, gouache and oil paints for Renoir, Degas, Cezanne and Monet and later in soft pastel, where he created special colours just for Degas. Basic colours available in up to 10 tints of pure colour.