Sennelier Gouache - Travel Set

Perfect to use in conjunction with watercolour and acrylic paint or on its own!

This set includes:

1x  Sennelier Gouache wooden boxed set of 13 tubes x 21ml
1x Jar gouache varnish
1x Dipper
2x Brushes
1x Plexiglass palette.
1x Lana Bristol Pad - A4 - 20 sheets, acid- free heavyweight, 250gsm

Sennelier has always made superior quality gouache, sometimes called opaque watercolour due to its covering power and ability to build up layers.

Sennelier made gouache for artists such as Picasso, Chagall, Miro and Dufy. The range is smaller than watercolour as pigments are selected for opacity. Gouache paint dries to a matte finish.

Some Characteristics of Gouache

It's opaque, unlike watercolours which are transparent.

Gouache paintings will always have a matte finish.

Rich colours – Gouache has more pigment than watercolours therefor producing rich and vibrant colours.

Water-soluble, no mediums or turpentine required, just add water. Since gouache is water soluble, you can lift off areas of the painting with a damp brush as you would with watercolours, making any corrections easy.

Gouache dries quickly but tends to dry a different shade than when wet.

Gouache can be layered with acrylics and you don’t have to worry about the layering order, although acrylics do make a great underpainting.

Thick application, apply gouache like you would a heavy body acrylic.

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