Sennelier 1887 Impressionist Set

Comprises 12 x 40ml tubes of colour, plus a large tube of white paint, turpentine, gloss varnish, palette, palette knife, brushes and double dipper.

Reproduction set, based on the 1887 painters’ field set sold to the French Impressionist painters for ‘plein air’ painting trips.

The development of Impressionist painting is almost in parallel with the development of Sennelier oil paints.

The evidence of quality and long-term consistency is visible in most of the world’s major art collections with Sennelier on the canvases of Monet, Bonnard, Chagall, Kandinsky, Modigliani and Yves Klein.

In keeping with early manufacturing traditions, the paint of today is highly concentrated without fillers, employing special methods of manufacture. In its current range, Sennelier retains many unique colours, such as Chinese Vermillion, Madder Lake Pink, Pouzzoles Red and Pink Brown.

Available in 140 colours in 40ml tubes.

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