Sennelier 12 Iridescent Oil Pastel Set

This discovery set has all the materials needed for a gift or for a beginner who wants to experience Oil Pastel Painting.

The set includes:

1 x Sennelier boxed set of 12 Iridescent Oil Pastels
1x Sennelier Oil Pastel Spiral Books - 16 x 24cm - 12 Sheets
1x Sennelier Oil Pastel Fixative - Artigny - 400ml Aerosol can

Picasso, a long-time Sennelier customer and a frequent visitor to their store across the street from the Louvre museum, was looking for a medium that could be used freely on a variety of surfaces without fading or cracking.

Their collaboration produced the incomparable SENNELIER oil pastels. Originally available in a palette of classic hues, the colour selection was expanded with the addition of metallic and iridescent hues.

The Sennelier oil pastels possess an extraordinarily high pigment content, thus providing them with a high colouring and covering potential, excellent brightness and a high degree of light stability (with the exception of metallic and fluorescent shades).

Sennelier has developed a special fixative just for oil pastels, made from a transparent vinyl resin which produces an even surface gloss. This film not only protects the pastel surface from dust and grit but also hardens up the surface to minimise the accidental damage in handling finished works