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Sennelier Acrylic Box Set of 9 Colours

A beautiful wooden box set of Sennelier abstract acrylic with 9 colours pouches,  120ml and accessories

The set contains:

The 9 Assorted Sennelier acrylic paint colours in 120ml pouches are:

  • 116 Titanium White,
  • 574 Primary Yellow,
  • 686 Primary Red,
  • 921 Light Violet,
  • 385 Primary Blue,
  • 871 Bright Yellow Green,
  • 252 Yellow Ochre,
  • 205 Raw Umber and
  • 759 Mars Blac

8 x Sennelier Abstract applicator tips
1 x gloss Gel medium 120ml
1 x paintbrush
1 x mini honey soap
1 x Sennelier cloth
1 x DIY colour chart

Vibrant and highly pigmented, these paints are creamy to a thick consistency. With Sennelier Abstract paints it's easy to paint with a brush, palette knife, or straight from the pack.

Sennelier Abstract is a heavy-body multi-media acrylic paint with high pigment concentration. A fine acrylic paint that meets all the stringent quality demands that are a guarantee of Sennelier paints.

The notable and innovative flexible packaging fits comfortably in your hand and is highly portable and strong (so much so that it can even handle the pressure of being stepped on!) There is no waste, no air bubbles, and it can be easily squeezed down to the last drop.