Fredrix Pro Dixie Canvas Kits

Fredrix Pro Dixie Stretch-It-Yourself Canvas Kits are a revolutionary way of stretching large canvases.

Pro Dixie canvas features:

  • Primed weight 17.5oz
  • Acrylic titanium primed
  • Substancial tooth
  • Smaller footprint in store
  • Shipping damage reduced
  • Save more than 50% on freight
  • New corner brace design ensures easier & accurate square up.

How are Fredrix Canvases Primed? "All Fredrix coatings are specially formulated to complement and enhance the unique inherent characteristics of the natural fibres. This also protects the canvas fibres against acidic deterioration with a buffered neutral PH sizing. Most Fredrix canvases are machine primed using state-of-the-art industrial equipment, but the company still primes many canvases the old-fashioned way—by hand!" Fredrix Canvas

How the paint reacts to the artist canvas surface is what really matters.

"What does Fredrix have to do with quality canvas and preserving masterpieces? Plenty! For nearly 150 years, Fredrix Canvas has been in the business of creating the finest canvas that’s guaranteed to stand the test of time." Fredrix Canvas