Pébéo Acrylic Set

This Pébéo Studio Acrylic set of paint, panels and pallet knife consist of the following items:

3 x Pébéo Dyna Acrylic 100ml tube
1 x Phosphorescent Acrylic 100ml tube
3 x 30x30cm Panels
1 x 10" (254mm) Round Black Panel
1 x #216 Plastic Pallet Knife
Pébéo Studio Acrylic can be diluted with water, mixed with each other and are intense, pure and non-yellowing. Presented in plastic transparent tubes, these colours are economical, practical and live up to the Pebeo quality label with high covering power, high pigment concentration & excellent lightfastness.


The Primed Cotton Panels are coated with acid-free glue sizing giving you an archival, long lasting artists canvas board suitable for all media.