Pébéo 4Artist Marker Set

This set includes a Pébéo 4Artist Markers pack of five colours White, Black, Red, Dark Blue & Yellow, One Modern Painters board 8" x 10" (203.2 x 254mm) and One Pébéo Linen panel 10" x 12" (254 x 304.8mm)


The Pébéo 4Artist Marker is a multi-application “oil-based marker” that will revolutionize your approach to markers and to traditional painting! Highly pigmented, glossy finish colours which offer excellent lightfastness. Ideal for applying on smooth, non-porous surfaces, the colours are quick-drying and can also be diluted, even after several weeks, to obtain shades, glazes, gradients and fading effects. Its unique formula brings traditional oil painting techniques to a whole new level. It is now possible to paint with oils while enjoying the properties of a paint marker (accuracy of line, colour overlays).

Modern Painters Professional Artists cotton duck canvas boards are hand-made MDF board, making each one resistant to buckling. The MDF boards are coated with acid-free glue sizing giving you an archival, long lasting artists canvas board suitable for all media. These panels are also ideal for encaustic work

Pébéo Linen Canvas Panels/Boards 330g natural linen with a colourless coating that makes it stiff and waterproof. Stretched over MDF backing with clear gesso.

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