Fluid Paper & Holbein Watercolour Set

Perfect match! This beautiful fluid paper and Holbein watercolour will have you creating your very own masterpieces. 

This set includes:

1x Holbein Watercolour Set - 12 x 30 x 5ml tubes
1x Fluid 100 Watercolor Paper - 5 Sheets 300g CP 16" x 20" (406.4 x 508mm)
1x Fluid 100 Watercolour - 15 Sheet HP Block 9" x 12" (228.6 x 304.8mm)

Holbein Artist watercolours deliver colour of unequalled intensity, purity and reliability for brilliant transparent washes and powerful, clean darks. Holbein Artist Watercolor is specifically designed to rewet instantly and not deteriorate in the tube, pan or palette.

Fluid 100 is a premium, archival cotton watercolour paper unlike any other. It is made by our European mill masters who combine traditional papermaking techniques with modern technology.

The result is a beautiful natural white sheet that is strong with a subtle yet pleasing surface texture. This paper is both affordable and long-lasting. Perfect for use with either wet or dry techniques. Fluid watercolour papers possess the strength and working integrity of more expensive mould-made papers.

Fluid 100 is a 100% cotton, a natural white paper that is internally and externally gelatin-sized to achieve an archival standard of permanence.