Fabriano Tiepolo Paper 290g - Printmaking Paper

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500 x 700mm Pkt 25

Printmaking Paper Fabriano Tiepolo Paper 290g 500 x 700mm Pkt 25 Acid Free watermarked mould paper for all printmaking techniques (etching, engraving, lithography, silk-screening, xylography, lino and woodcuts. Created with 100% cotton, it is mould made, size 56x76 with all edges deckled.

The watermark is fixed point and placed below right on the sheet. It reproduces the CMF trademark surmounted by a star and enclosed in a circle. In the 7OX100 size the two larger sides are deckled and the watermark runs parallel to them, reproducing the inscription "C. M. FABRIANO 100% COTTON". Tiepolo is pH neutral, assuring inalterability over time.

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