Bordeaux Flat Ferrule

The Royal Langnickel Bordeaux™ Series 6900 Flat Ferrule is the smoothest red, long handle available in 6 sizes.

Bordeaux™ brushes are made with strong and resilient synthetic filaments that are specifically developed for use with acrylic paints but can be used with oils as well.

These unique brushes give perfect control when desiring a thicker application of colour. They are long-lasting and retain their shape even after heavy use.

Designed for high viscosity mediums. Bordeaux™ provides superior colour carrying capacity and coverage while maintaining sharp edges and fine points.

These brushes are esteemed for their durability, resilience, and sleek design.

"Royal & Langnickel is a highly trusted brand, helping customers around the globe to bolster their creativity and enjoy their lives with the beauty of Art"