Holbein Acrylic Gouache School Set

Holbein Acrylic Gouache school set includes:

  • 12 x 12ml Colours
  • 1 x 20ml White
  • 1x Plastic Palette
  • 1x Cloth

Holbein Acrylic Gouache moves, reacts, blends and feel like traditional gum arabic gouache, however, Holbein Artists' Gouache is made with naturally opaque pigments — no whitening agents are added. Colours are vibrant and don't muddy when mixed. They have a brilliant, rich matte finish.

Water-resistance once dry and drying to a velvet matte finish. Holbein Acryla Gouache does not shift in colour tone from liquid to dry colour. What you see wet is what you get once dry.

Holbein Acryla Gouache is compatible with all other water-soluble media regardless of origin.