Sennelier Fine Oil Set - Small

Sennelier fine oil set paired with Pébéo linen canvas panels and brush setis perfect for beginners.  

The set includes:

1x Sennelier Fine Oil 6 x 21ml tubes
1x Pébéo Linen Canvas Panels/Board 8" x 10"
1x Pébéo Linen Canvas Panels/Board 10" x 12"
1x Pébéo Linen Canvas Panels/Board 12" x 12"
1x Pébéo Brush Set of 4 round and flat

Sennelier Small Fine Oil Painting Set is a Cardboard-packaged set of 6 x 21ml tubes. Sennelier gathers only the finest natural and inorganic pigments from around the world. The pure pigments are ground very slowly with extreme care to an extra-fine consistency. They are then combined at a maximum concentration of an archival safflower oil to yield the highest possible tinting strength and a lustrous satin finish.

Pébéo Linen Canvas Panels/Board are covered in 330g natural linen with a colourless coating that makes it stiff and waterproof. Stretched over MDF backing and primed with a clear gesso.